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Das neue EU-Emissionshandelssystem für Gebäude und Straßenverkehr und die Abfederung von Belastungen durch den EU-Klima-Sozialfonds

Fabian Pause, Jana Nysten, Kimberly Harder

In December 2022, the European legislator has agreed to introduce an EU-wide cap-and-trade emission trading system for buildings and road transport. From 2027 onwards, suppliers of fuels for consumption in those sectors will have to register and purchase allowances for the GHG emissions related to their products. The number of allowances is thereby capped on EU-level, so that the measure contributes to the -55 % GHG emission reduction commitment under the EU Climate Law. As the resulting „CO2-price“ may be passed on to final customers, and considering the recent rise in energy prices due to the Russian war in Ukraine, a number of mechanisms are foreseen to mitigate the impact in particular for vulnerable customers: The introduction of this new emission trading system will be delayed by one year, should energy prices stay high. A market stability reserve is installed to avoid heavy price fluctuations of the allowances, and their price should be limited to around 45 Euro per allowance until 2030. In addition, a „Social Climate Fund“ will be created to allow the Member States additional measures to address financial hardship. The EU „emission trading system II“, together with the new „Social Climate Fund“ thereby strikes a balance between ambitious climate protection and social compatibility.

Fabian Pause ist Leiter des Forschungsgebiets Europäisches und internationales Umweltenergierecht sowie Rechtsvergleichung bei der Stiftung Umweltenergierecht. Jana Nysten ist dort Wissenschaftliche Referentin, Kimberly Harder Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin. Der Beitrag basiert auf Untersuchungen in den Projekten „agree.d – Auswirkungen des EU Green Deal auf Klimaschutz- und Energierecht in Deutschland“ (gefördert durch eine Zuwendung der Stiftung Mercator) und „Kopernikus-Projekt Ariadne“ (gefördert durch eine Zuwendung des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung).


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