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Völkerrechtliche Verträge im Verfassungsrecht

Die Einbindung des „Paris-Ziels“ im Klimaschutzbeschluss des BVerfG

Jennifer Seitz

The Federal Constitutional Court's decision on climate protection is a remarkable decision not only because of the intertemporal dimension of fundamental rights established there. The judicial concretization of Article 20a of the Basic Law through the “Paris target” under international treaty law has so far received little attention from the legal literature, even though it is the most dogmatically sensitive passage of the decision. This article examines the way in which the Paris Agreement is integrated into constitutional law and takes a critical look at its dogmatic justification. Subsequently, alternative ways of integrating international treaty law into constitutional law are discussed.

Die Autorin ist derzeit Rechtsreferendarin am Landgericht Bonn.


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