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Ein Blick zurück in die Zukunft?

Rechtliche Voraussetzungen eines Wiedereinstiegs in die Nutzung der Kernenergie zur Elektrizitätserzeugung aus klimaschutzpolitischen Gründen

Philipp Bender

At the end of this year, the use of nuclear energy to generate electricity in Germany is scheduled to come to an end. The last three remaining nuclear power plants are planned to be shut down. The phase-out of nuclear power was a central element in the legislative package of the so-called "Energiewende" since 2011. However, the national, European and international legal frameworks and its requirements for achieving the goals of CO2 reduction and climate protection pose the question of low-carbon nuclear energy anew. This article first takes a look back at the legal history of the nuclear exit to date. This is followed by a brief legal analysis of the status quo situation. Nonetheless, the most important purpose of this article is to discuss the following question: What would German legislators and authorities have to do if they wanted to return to the use of nuclear power in the electricity industry in the short term?

Der Verfasser ist wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter und Habilitand an der Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn.


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