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Die Intensivierungsfunktion eines mehrschichtigen Schutzes durch verschiedene umweltvölkerrechtliche Verträge am Beispiel des Deutschen Wattenmeers

Anne Dienelt
Keywords: Schutzgebiete, Koordinierung, Fragmentierung, Ramsar-Konvention, Welterbekonvention, Normenkonflikt

Treaty congestion in international environmental law has led to some confusion regarding the coordination of multilateral environmental agreements as well as with regard to the harmonization of norms across treaties. In this paper, the Wadden Sea serves as an example to illustrate the multilayered protection a “protected area” in international environmental law can enjoy based on the parallel application of several environmental treaties to one single protected area. The Wadden Sea is inter alia protected as a wetland by the Ramsar Convention, it is protected as a natural heritage site by the World Heritage Convention and as an in-situ conservation area by the Convention on Biological Diversity. The three treaties and their respective standards of protection are analyzed in order to demonstrate similarities and differences in legal standards of protection that one single site can benefit from. In a second step, since practice of the three conventions speaks in favor of a coordination across treaties, the concept of a norm conflict in international law is put in context with the specific situation of the Wadden Sea. Do the obligations for protected areas deriving from these three treaties contravene each other? Is there a need to harmonize a prima facie norm conflict? This contribution aims at connecting scholarship in general public international law and international environmental law. In the end, treaty congestion and diversification of international law can also have positive effects; they can result in an intensified protection of a protected area.

Die Autorin ist Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am Institut für Internationale Angelegenheiten der Fakultät für Rechtswissenschaft der Universität Hamburg bei Prof. Dr. Stefan Oeter und Promotionsstudentin der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen bei Prof. Dr. Andreas L. Paulus, Richter am Bundesverfassungsgericht.


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