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Weitere Beiträge ∙ Ethnische Segregation und Bauplanungsrecht

Johannes Eichenhofer

This paper aims to examine to which extent and in which way German zoning law addresses the problem of ethnic segregation. After determining the meaning of this concept and discussing its ambivalence (II.), the paper argues for the necessity to promote and protect social diversity in urban neighborhoods also with the ends of zoning law. Due to its flexibility, the German zoning law allows the executing authorities to prevent social and ethnic segregation, even though this concern has to be balanced with other concerns (III.). Finally, the paper argues that ethnic segregation can be perceived as a doctrinal figure of zoning law (IV.).

Der Autor ist wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Lehrstuhl für Öffentliches Recht, Staatslehre und Verfassungsgeschichte und Habilitand an der Universität Bielefeld. Für hilfreiche Anmerkungen sei Prof. Dr. Christoph Gusy, Dr. Andreas Kulick, LL.M. (NYU) und Jan-Peter Möhle vielmals gedankt.


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