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Die Verbindlichkeit des Rechts

Paul Kirchhof

In a constitutional democracy, the rationality and freedom from arbitrariness of government action is organised in the binding law. This principle is in danger when legislation misses the reality, when legal consequences are arranged or when the citizen tries to undermine the binding character of the law by contractual arrangements and steer the legislation by cooperation. The flood of rules, exceptions and contradictions, frequent amendments and the variety of legal sources modify the structure of the law. The “golden rein” of the public financial power replaces the law. Therefore, we need to think of an order that strengthens and renews the legality of public bindings as the main system of government legitimation and actions.

Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Paul Kirchhof ist Bundesverfassungsrichter a.D. und Seniorprofessor distinctus der Universität Heidelberg.


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